Hi there!
My name is Melle Diete, and I live and work
in Berlin.
A few years back, I was a student of Communication
Design at the University of Applied Sciences in
Potsdam, which is near Berlin. From there, I became
inspired to work with Type Design. Furthermore,
in Lucas de Groot´s class, I began working with
experimental lettering and took up the challenge to
create entire alphabets.
From this moment on, I realized it was not only about
discovering excellent letterforms, but rather that
such forms truly create a unity in the end.
Based on my experience, a good font takes a few
years until completion. Therefore, Type Developing
became a personal training for patience and
Incidentally, this had and has a strong influence on my
artistic work as well. Both painting and drawing are
my personal preferences since the age of 15.
In those days, I was more interested in landscapes
and still life. Today, my inner world of pictures is more
important to me because they reflect the soul.
With this in mind, it is my endeavor to “speak” with
pictures in a symbolic way, where I can share
experiences and communicate ideas.
Touching the mind is my intention, whether consciously
or unconsciously.
With my work I show connections between colours,
forms, objects, plants, animals and humans, side by side,
among each other, and together.